Van den Heuvel

Belinda Enoma Bavo Van den Heuvel
Belinda Enoma is a seasoned cyber privacy and security consultant, digital business builder and trainer Bavo trained many hundred DPO’s and worked as DPO in more than 50 organisations since 2004.
She has a unique combination of legal and technology experience that spans several multinational corporations across Europe e.g. London, Copenhagen, Germany, Switzerland, Amsterdam.

Apart from her data privacy experience and skills, Belinda is gifted in engaging audiences, communicating tech issues and solutions in a language that everybody can understand. She is a renowned author and public speaker on international platforms.

Bavo is an internationally recognised authority in privacy and data protection matters. He is commercial engineer, FIP at IAPP, CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPP/IT, ISO27001 Lead Auditor and Forensic Computer Auditor.

He is founder and Director of Product Innovation at Cranium Applied Privacy NV. Next to that he was co-founder in 2012 of a training institute where he trained more than 400 future DPO’s till May 2017.

He has been a Data Protection Officer since 2004.

Bavo is regularly asked to speak on international conferences and already gave more than 100 trainings in data protection.

Translating the data protection needs between legal/business and IT-(security) people is his daily challenge!




Arina Babjuka Anne Demoor
Arina is an experienced data protection consultant with background in EU politics and policy-making. She is acting as an external DPO in several organisations providing expertise in data protection and privacy issues. Anne is an experienced data protection consultant and has given numerous training and awareness sessions to people involved in banking and finance. She holds a master’s degree in law.
As a data protection consultant she is working closely with business, IT, HR and legal departments to make sure that privacy concerns are taking into consideration. Previously, Arina worked in the Data Protection Unit of the Council of the EU assisting the DPO with various issues related to the processing of personal data by the institution. 

She is a skilled public speaker with an ability to deconstruct complex issues and explain them to the audience. Arina has a true passion for awareness trainings.

Anne started her journey in data protection and privacy two years ago.With the excellent training of experts in the field of privacy and hands-on projects in the financial sector, Anne has become a true expert in data protection for banking and finance.Additionally, she has worked on GDPR assessments and implementations within the energy sector and for recruitment agencies. Anne loves the interaction and energy she gets when working with or training people that share her passion for the world of data protection and privacy.

Translating data protection and privacy needs in relation to specific financial and banking obligations in a business-enabling way is her daily passion.



Melissa Jansen
Melissa has helped numerous companies in becoming GDPR compliant. Due to her passion for people, she decided to help others in understanding the GDPR by becoming one of the CRANIUM campus trainers.
After graduating from her additional master in Intellectual Property Rights and ICT law, Melissa started working for CRANIUM where she got the chance to further enhance her knowledge and skills on privacy and data protection. She has done both audits and implementation tracks for companies in various sectors. Working on privacy & security awareness solutions (e.g. E-Learnings), she knows how to explain complex topics in a simplified way so they can be grasped by anyone. This mindset empowers her to provide trainings that are truly interesting, interactive and accessible.