Privacy and security are hot topics these days. Data in general and personal data in particular is seen as the new gold, major data breaches come to light every day, new technologies and legislation on privacy and security come into play… Moreover, many diverging opinions are voiced on both subjects, sparking public debate.

This is why we launched CRANIUM Campus. We want to prepare people, companies and governments for this brave new world. A world where everyone cares about his or her privacy and should care about the privacy of others, where we know how to protect ourselves against personal data attacks. A world where the new gold is treated as it should be.

In order to reach this goal, CRANIUM Campus will provide hands-on training courses on a variety of interesting topics in the field of privacy and security. When we say hands-on, we mean it: participants are challenged with real-life cases, are invited to think and work together and do not leave the room without being able to apply acquired skills in their day-to-day job or life. Our trainers are true subject matter experts actively working on both privacy and security aspects of personal data protection on a global scale. They are able to fascinate and intrigue their audience time after time.

CRANIUM Campus trainings are also available internationally and offered in Belgium, the Netherlands and Hungary. They are provided both independently and through partners. Both in-house and on on-site trainings are available.

Intrigued by our offer? Please do get in touch via info@craniumcampus.com